Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Challenge 2!

Challenge 2 has been released! Here are the instructions:

Special Note: This is a FAST FORWARD Challenge! The first team to complete this challenge will have the option 
of SKIPPING next week's challenge if they choose!

Welcome to the Guild! We are so excited to be the second stop in this season's race! Here at the Guild our goal 
is to be a source of inspiration and learning in the digi-scrap world. To that end each month we offer an exclusive
 Guild kit as well as our monthly digital publication, The Artisan Notebook(tm). In February our focus has been a 
combination of celebrating Valentine's Day and thinking about, "The Games People Play." Our ADSR challenge combines 
these two ideas with the fact that this is the 5th season of ADSR. One of our regular features in the Artisan 
Notebook(tm) is called, "Recipe for Design." Our talented team of "Design Chefs" use a specific recipe to cook up 
some amazing layouts. Now, we are inviting you into the digi-scrap kitchen to use the following recipe to cook up 
your own unique layout:

Theme: 5 things I LOVE about....(choose a person, topic, idea, etc. Be Creative!)

Title: use a combination of 5 fonts and/or alphas (example: use 2 different fonts and 3 different alphas)
Photos: use 5 photos, one of the photos must have the number 5 in it!
Use 5 different elements of the same type (example: use 5 different flowers or 5 different buttons, etc.)

Season to taste: add ingredients from your digital pantry to make this layout your own!

Here is my layout:

5 Things I Love About Being A Mom

1. Too Many times in my life I have lost someone I love, so I love that I get to give 
and receive unconditional love for as long as I live, everyday. 

2. Life is too serious to not enjoy it, but sometimes life just gets in the way. I love
that my children can find a topic and laugh over it until their eyes are brimming with tears.

3. I love watching my children sleep. Usually this is when I say the wishes that i have for their lives.

4. I love that I will always have someone around me and that I am never alone in this universe.

5. I love that my children looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them for the number 5 photo,
 but then liked the results!

Fonts used: 
Hobo Std
ITC Zapf Chancery
Giddyup Std

Kit Used:
BFF By Amanda Kelleher here


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  1. would love to learn how to do scrap kits